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042: Nueces Delta 2

27° 53' 19" N   97° 34' 10" W
The Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program

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  Alert Count Station ID Age By Alert message
alert alert 12 042 - NUDE2 13:57 sonpoll sonpoll: (ipmodem) ?error when Wait[ing] for sysread(): Connection reset by peer
warn ipmodem 626 042 - NUDE2 00:04 ipmanager ?unable to query modem "NUDE2.cbi.tamucc.edu": unable to login to AirLinkModem at /usr/local/pharos/lib/IPModem.pm line 92.


2022336+1941 (acknowledged, dsteffan)

Conductivity/Salinty are flatline at 0

2022336+1948 (acknowledged, dsteffan)
sal :

It's believed the sensor may no longer be submerged. It’s possible the board holding the data sonde tube came loose. Will address at Dec visit

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