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244: Oso Creek Water Level Station #3

27° 39' 24" N   97° 24' 5" W
City of Corpus Christi Salinity Monitoring Salinity

2023013+1426 (retired, dsteffan)

Crew working to reinstall sensor and station components

2022347+1909 (retired, dvargas10)
bpr,rlh :

Station Vandalized

2019336+2053 (retired, jrizzo)

No data

2019329+1316 (retired, jrizzo)

No data

2018255+1847 (retired, dburch)
ALL : 2018255+0612-2018255+1845 (09/12/2018 06:12 - 09/12/2018 18:45) :

No data dissemination starting 2018255+0612. Cannot connect to IP modem remotely. IP modem remotely rebooted and data started back-filling.

2015322+1536 (retired, lloyd)

No data

2015022+1230 (retired, amendoza)
2014314+2227 (retired, lloyd)

No data

2014274+1921 (retired, lloyd)

No data

2014219+0035 (retired, lloyd)

No data

2013288+1529 (retired, lloyd)

Water level above NAVD88 is currently reporting air gap distance until processing of levels are complete. Data are preliminary, subject to change and should not be used

2013170+1044 (retired, amendoza)

No data

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