28 Jul 2015 08:19 UTC 2015209+08:19 UTC

Salinity Relief Check - July 2015

** For the month of July 2015, the city is eligible for a 75% target reduction based on ten consecutive days of the daily salinity average being at least 10 psu below the Salinity Upper Bounds. **

The table below displays the Daily and Ten-Day salinity averages in practical salinity units (psu) for SALT03 for the current month.

07/01/20152.0001.600 07/17/20157.6005.600
07/02/20152.0001.700 07/18/20158.0006.100
07/03/20152.1001.800 07/19/20158.8006.700
07/04/20152.2001.800 07/20/20159.1007.200
07/05/20152.4001.900 07/21/20159.2007.600
07/06/20152.6002.000 07/22/20159.9007.900
07/07/20152.7002.100 07/23/201510.5008.400
07/08/20152.8002.300 07/24/201510.9008.800
07/09/20153.0002.400 07/25/201512.2009.300
07/10/20154.1002.600 07/26/201512.7009.900
07/11/20155.6003.000 07/27/2015NANA
07/12/20156.0003.400 07/28/2015NANA
07/13/20156.4003.800 07/29/2015NANA
07/14/20156.6004.200 07/30/2015NANA
07/15/20156.7004.700 07/31/2015NANA

Values displayed in red represent averages that are at least 5 psu below the SUB. If either the daily or ten-day average is at least 5, 10, or 15 psu below the Salinity Upper Bounds (SUB) for ten consecutive days within the given month, then the monthly pass-thru target, which is based on the combined reservoir system volume, may be reduced by the following amounts:

Months Reduction for Average Salinity
5 psu below SUB 10 psu below SUB 15 psu below SUB
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jul, Aug, Nov, Dec 25% 50% 75%
May, Jun, Sep, Oct 0% 25% 75%

Below is a graphical representation of the averages listed above.

Daily and Ten-Day Averages for Salt03
July 2015

For more information visit the Nueces Bay Salinity Monitoring Project. The Daily Status Report for the pass-thru requirements and related reservoir information is also available. For more information about the Agreed Operating Order, with respect to freshwater inflows into the bays and estuaries, please contact Rocky Freund, Deputy Executive Director, Coastal Bend Division of the Nueces River Authority.