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014: Bob Hall Pier
Gulf of Mexico, Texas
27° 34' 51" N   97° 12' 59" W
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON)

DISCLAIMER: These data have been collected by the Conrad Blucher Institute (CBI) using automated equipment and are furnished "as is". CBI makes no warranties (including no warranties as to merchantability or fitness) either expressed or implied with respect to the data or their fitness for any specific application.

Basic Query Parameters
Select the data source(s) of interest from the selection box. Data sources are grouped by function and listed alpabetically by name within each group. If you already know the identifiers for the source(s) you want, you can enter them directly into the text box. A station is a data source with a single location. Click for more information on DNR data sources.
multiple series can be selected by holding shift or control
Select the data series you'd like to view. Note that not all data series are available for all stations. If you already know the abbreviations for the series you want, you can enter them directly into the text box. Click for more information on data series.
Dates: Enter the range of dates for which you want data. In general you can enter dates in the form mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy, but other specifications such as yesterday, now,-7d, and mm/yyyy also work. Click for more information on date ranges.
Graph Text Rows
Spreadsheet Text Columns Comma Sep. Values
Select your desired output format. Click for more information on output formats.
Metric DNR
English Marine
Select your desired output units. DNR units indicates the default unit of measurement as stored in our database (always an integer value). Click for more information on units.
Elevation: What do you want vertical elevations (e.g., water level) referenced to? The default is station datum, which is an arbitrary zero established at each station. Other elevations may not be available for the station(s) you've requested. Click for more information on elevations.
Interval: Select the time interval to use for data output. Click for more information on intervals.
Interpolate Missing Values: Selecting this option will perform linear interpolation to fill all missing values.
Date Format: How do you want dates to be displayed? The default gives reasonable output for most requests, but if you need more control you can either select a predefined format from the top selection box or enter your own specification in the bottom boxes. Click for more information on date formats.