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16 Apr 2024 05:43 UTC 2024107+05:43 UTC
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277: Corpus Christi Meteorological Cedar Pass

27° 41' 6" N   97° 25' 0" W
City of Corpus Christi Salinity Monitoring Salinity

2023212+1314 (retired, dvargas10)
atp : 2023195+0524,now (07/14/2023 05:24 - 04/16/2024 05:43) :

air temp randomly going negative.

2023208+2050 (retired, hmahlke)

I do not see negative data values. Please check

2022336+1936 (retired, dsteffan)
atp :

Data values negative

2022040+1426 (retired, zhasdorff)

no data, IP or power issue

2022015+0316 (retired, ndurham1)

Data flat line

2021167+1521 (retired, jrizzo)

Wind speed and wind direction data are for quality control on precipitation data and are not representative of actual values

2021133+1229 (retired, jrizzo)

Data flatline.

2018229+1313 (retired, llloyd)
2017055+1448 (retired, lloyd)
rain :

Rain data is reporting more than expected

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