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243: Oso Creek Water Level Station #2

27° 41' 19" N   97° 25' 45" W
City of Corpus Christi Salinity Monitoring Salinity

2014025+2035 (note, lloyd)
ALL : 2014024+1942 (01/24/2014 19:42 - 01/24/2014 19:43) :

Station was temporarily removed due to construction to widen Oso Creek and expand the Oso Creek overpass on FM 43. Station will be reinstalled as soon as construction is complete.

2020321+1214 (retired, jrizzo)
bat :

Battery voltage dropping, now @ 11.5V

2020289+2132 (retired, jrizzo)

Battery dead

2020255+1820 (retired, jrizzo)

Data missing

2020191+1342 (retired, jrizzo)

Battery issues continue.

2020174+1316 (retired, dburch)

Battery dead

2020013+1536 (retired, jrizzo)

No data, battery dead.

2019352+1559 (retired, jrizzo)

Battery dead

2019332+1424 (retired, jrizzo)
2018220+1248 (retired, llloyd)
2016174+1652 (retired, lloyd)

Station was removed due to expansion of bridge. Station will be reinstalled as soon as construction is complete

2013288+1529 (retired, lloyd)

Water level above NAVD88 is currently reporting air gap distance until processing of levels are complete. Data are preliminary, subject to change and should not be used

2013262+1055 (retired, amendoza)
2013252+1100 (retired, amendoza)

No data

2013171+1111 (retired, amendoza)

little data recovered