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146: MANERR Station #2 (Copano East)
Copano Bay, Texas
28° 7' 56" N   97° 2' 4" W
Mission Aransas National Estaurine Research Reserve (MANERR) MANERR

2015202+1322 (note, hmahlke)

suspect water temp. warmer than the air

2015104+1400 (note, lloyd)

Battery voltage represents water quality power system. Backup battery voltage represents meteorological power system.

2015251+2040 (retired, jrizzo)

RLH flatline at 0

2015251+2040 (retired, jrizzo)

suspect water temp. WTP and ATP appear to be swapped.

2015251+2040 (retired, jrizzo)
bat :

primary battery not charging

2015251+2040 (retired, jrizzo)
bat,bbat :

Primary battery (photovoltaic power system) and backup battery (datasonde internal batteries) parameters appear to be swapped

2015238+1233 (retired, blorentson)

No Data from primary DCP

2015226+1310 (retired, blorentson)

No data from DCP1

2015211+2031 (retired, blorentson)

Primary not reporting

2015141+1339 (retired, lloyd)
rain,wgt,rlh,par,wdr,ccrf,wsd,atp,bpr :

Meteorological data system not transmitting starting 2015139+1912. Data collection resumed gaps were filled via data collected by CBI servers

2015138+1252 (retired, blorentson)

Data missing from multiple series: Backup system not communicating

2015104+1359 (retired, lloyd)

Internal and external battery appear to be swapped

2015085+1101 (retired, amendoza)
bbat :

No data from multiple series

2015072+1335 (retired, amendoza)
do,chl,bat,trb,sat :

Data flatlined. Battery 1 at 7.2v

2015047+1216 (retired, jrizzo)

Data missing from multiple sensors

2015007+1500 (retired, lloyd)

Batt 1 @8.5V

2015006+2100 (retired, jrizzo)
rlh :

being removed, reading high

2014332+1930 (retired, lloyd)

Air temp reading high

2014301+1150 (retired, amendoza)

Missing data from multiple sensors

2014286+1059 (retired, amendoza)

Multiple sensors missing data

2014271+1509 (retired, jrizzo)
2014258+0456 (retired, lloyd)

Multiple sensors missing data

2014211+1155 (retired, amendoza)

Multiple sensors missing data

2014198+1425 (retired, lloyd)

Relative Humidity data being removed since 2013036+0830. Reading is over 100.

2014191+1152 (retired, amendoza)

Primary Battery at 11.1v

2014120+1107 (retired, amendoza)

Data missing from multiple sensors

2014113+1057 (retired, amendoza)

Missing data from multiple sensors

2014076+1729 (retired, amendoza)

Data missing from multiple series

2014042+2205 (retired, lloyd)
ph,do,spcon,sal : 2013351+1200 (12/17/2013 12:00 - 12/17/2013 12:01) :

Water quality data suspect starting 2013351+1200. Faulty water temperature sensor suspect

2013339+1714 (retired, lloyd)

Multiple series missing data

2013317+1148 (retired, amendoza)

Data sporadic in multiple series

2013273+1107 (retired, amendoza)

No data being received due to datalogger malfunction. Replacement datalogger is being built

2013162+0455 (retired, lloyd)

Missing data in multiple series

2013154+1624 (retired, lloyd)

Data missing

2012298+1405 (retired, lloyd)

No data from SatLink since 9/22/2012.

2012277+0954 (retired, ussery)

Little data being received.

2012275+1316 (retired, LLOYD)

No weather data received since 9/22/12

2012267+1458 (retired, lloyd)

No data from datasonde since 2012200+1630

2012226+0958 (retired, ussery)

No data from YSI since 7/18/2012.

2012084+1157 (retired, ussery)

No data via freewave since 2012083. Data has resumed.

2012060+0236 (retired, lloyd)
ALL : 2012055+1454-2012058+1500 (02/24/2012 14:54 - 02/27/2012 15:00) :

No data received from datasonde from 2012055+1454 to 2012058+1500 due to server issue

2012058+1413 (retired, lloyd)

No data from freewave since 2/24/2012.

2012021+1402 (retired, jrizzo)

No data from YSI starting 2012011+1800. Data resumed.

2011300+1515 (retired, lloyd)

Server did not disseminate data from 2011296+0918 to 2011297+1000 except those transmitted via GOES

2011279+1003 (retired, ussery)

Anomalous readings from YSI. YSI replaced.

2011272+1921 (retired, ussery)

No data received from freewave since 2011270+0400. Data has resumed.

2011243+1447 (retired, lloyd)

DO reading low

2011230+1449 (retired, lloyd)

Turbidity data suspect starting 2011209+2100

2011230+1449 (retired, lloyd)

Chlorophyll Concentration data suspect starting 2011209+2300

2011154+1321 (retired, lloyd)

pH spiking low starting 2011139+1800

2011125+1432 (retired, lloyd)

Bad data bering received from YSI since 5/4/2011.

2011038+1204 (retired, ussery)

Missed transmissions since 2011035+0704.

2010287+1755 (retired, ussery)

No data from freewave since 2010283.

2010284+0949 (retired, ussery)

PAR data is flatlining since 2010+274.

2010012+0218 (retired, lloyd)

YSI is not working.

2009350+1409 (retired, ussery)

Sporadic data from YSI.

2009342+1349 (retired, ussery)

Very little data from YSI. Data recovery is better.

2009327+1200 (retired, jrizzo)

No data from YSI since 2009324+0000. Data resumed.

2009322+1344 (retired, ussery)

Little to no data from YSI since 2009321+0300.

2009303+1245 (retired, ussery)

Little YSI data received since 2009302+0300.

2009288+1114 (retired, ussery)

Little data received from YSI.

2009274+1258 (retired, ussery)

No data from YSI since 2009272+2300.

2009257+1306 (retired, ussery)

No data from YSI since 2009252+0930.

2009208+1250 (retired, ussery)

Gaps in the YSI data since 2009204.

2009191+1306 (retired, ussery)

Sporadic data retrieval from YSI.

2009078+1150 (retired, jrizzo)

No data from the YSI since 2009077+0030. Data resumed.

2008137+1307 (retired, ussery)

Data from the weather station is inaccurate. IT personnel aware of the problem and will correct it.

2008121+0155 (retired, jadams)
all : today (04/18/2024 00:00 - 04/19/2024 00:00) :

Lightning strike nearby hung YSI. Reset via LOS radio.

2008030+1223 (retired, jrizzo)

No water quality data since 2008019 -- no response from YSI. Sensor replaced.

2007296+1818 (retired, ussery)

No data from YSI since 2007295+2100. Data has resumed.

2007193+1307 (retired, ussery)

No data from YSI since 2007186=1530. YSI data now being received.

2007169+1248 (retired, ussery)

No water quality data since 2007166. Data has resumed.

2007154+1321 (retired, jrizzo)

No data from YSI since early 148. Data resumed

2007143+1211 (retired, jrizzo)

No data from the YSI since 2007140+1830. Data resumed

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