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15 Aug 2020 02:22 UTC 2020228+02:22 UTC

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131: Bahia Grande Meteorological Station - INACTIVE

26° 1' 33" N   97° 18' 1" W
University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College

2009239+1208 (note, jrizzo)

Station does not transmit via GOES

2011245+1338 (acknowledged, lloyd)

No data received since 2011244+0848.

2011318+0600 (retired, lloyd)

Problems with wind direction.

2010211+0455 (retired, lloyd)

No data since 2010175+1742. Probably problem with Los Fresnos tower.

2009128+1822 (retired, lloyd)

No data from any Bahia station

2009107+1328 (retired, ussery)

No data since 2009103+2312.

2008233+1641 (retired, ussery)

No data since 2008230. No response from tower.

2008211+1318 (retired, ussery)

No data since 2008206+1736. Power outage at Los Fresnos.

2008185+1326 (retired, ussery)

No data since 2008183+2224. Tower struck by lightning.

2008063+1328 (retired, ussery)

BP, ATP data suspect. Data being received.

2008014+1233 (retired, jrizzo)

No data received since 2008009. Data resumed via poll.

2008003+1409 (retired, ussery)

No data since 2008001. Data has resumed.

2007201+1122 (retired, ussery)

Sporadically missing transmissions since 2007199+0024. Data now being received.

2007129+1132 (retired, jrizzo)

Station missing satellite transmissions but data available by poll.

2007103+1201 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions

2007073+1047 (retired, jrizzo)

No data since 071. Transmissions resumed

2007050+1233 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions, data still coming in via poll. Transmissions resumed.

2007007+1244 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions.

2006360+1522 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions.

2006360+1522 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions. Transmissions have resumed

2006347+1222 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions. DCP being stepped on. Transmissions resumed

2006341+1403 (retired, ussery)

No data since 2006340+0000. Data now being received.

2006339+1217 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions since 335+0300. Transmissions resumed.

2006300+1125 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missed last 3 transmissions. Transmissions resumed

2006297+1257 (retired, ussery)

Missed transmissions since 297+0024.

2006292+0900 (retired, pharosdb)
pwl : 2006277+1600,2006292+0000 (10/04/2006 16:00 - 10/19/2006 00:00) :

Created by gapfind

2006283+1053 (retired, jrizzo)
pwl : 2006277+1500,2006281+0000 (10/04/2006 15:00 - 10/08/2006 00:00) :

Created by gapfind

2005360+1346 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions, radio operational. DCP transmitting

2005346+1156 (retired, jrizzo)

DCP missing transmissions, battery @ 11V. Transmissions have resumed.

2005325+1243 (retired, jrizzo)

Battery below 11V, DCP missing transmissions. Transmissions resumed.

2005241+2031 (retired, jrizzo)
all :

NWS tag is always outputting the same date/time of data collection. A similar problem existed at the Marina station that jrizzo supposedly fixed. Time and DCP reset.