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138: Packery Current Meter #2
Packery Channel, Texas
27° 37' 22" N   97° 12' 55" W
USACE - The Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory
USACE - Coastal Inlets Research Program
United States Army Corps of Engineers

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Station Information

Location: Packery Channel, Texas
CBI 138
Latitude: 27.6228100
Longitude: -97.2154400
NOAA Chart:
USGS Quad:


Positive X values are flood, negative X values are ebb.


Status  =
Date Computed  =
Length of Observations  =
Time Period  =
Control Station  = (1983-2001)
Accuracy  = unstated
Elevations of datums above station datum:
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Meters Feet
Station Datum (STND) 0.000 0.00

Bench mark elevations above datum:
Meters above
Bench Mark Stamping STND
Feet above
Bench Mark Stamping STND

Bench Mark Descriptions

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