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018: Port Isabel
Brownsville, Texas
26° 3' 40" N   97° 12' 55" W
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON)


Mark 018.004 - 9770A 1998

Mark ID:018.004 Accepted Elev:4.405
SPSN:1826 Disposition:good
NGS PID:    
Date Established:1998 Established By:TAMUCC-CBI
Stamping:9770A 1998 Location:
Monumentation: Nearest Town:Port Isabel
Type of Mark: County:Cameron
Setting Class: State:TX
The bench mark is a stainless steel rod between the concrete drive and chainlink fence within the chainlink fence area for the san Benito navigation District cargo dock , 25.70 m (84.32 ft) SW (215 magnetic) of the Southwestern Bell telephone junction box #1000, 19.40 m (63.65 ft) SE (143 magnetic) of the NW corner of the chainlink fence enclosure, 10.00 m (32.81 ft) ENE (60 magnetic) of the SE corner of the north concrete ramp footing of a truck scale, and 0.35 m (1.15 ft) NE (53 magnetic) of the chainlink fence. The bench mark is set 8 cm (0.25 ft) below the ground, being the top of a stainless steel rod driven 16.2 m (53.1 ft) to refusal, and encased in a 5-inch NOS logo cap, PVC, and concrete kickblock.
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