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016: Sabine Pass - INACTIVE
Sabine River, Texas
29° 43' 47" N   93° 52' 15" W
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON)


Mark 016.004 - 0570 E 1990

Mark ID:016.004 Accepted Elev:2.051
SPSN:0117 Disposition:good
NGS PID:    
Date Established: Established By:
Stamping:0570 E 1990 Location:
Monumentation: Nearest Town:
Type of Mark:Tidal Station disk County:Jefferson
Setting Class: State:Texas
To reach from the intersection of State Highway 87 (Broadway) and Farm Road 3322 (Dowling Road) in Sabine, go southeast on Farm Road 3322 for 2.4 Km (1.50 Mi) to a T-intersection with 1st Street. Turn right, southeast, on 1st Street for 0.14 Km (0.10 Mi) to a gate at the entrance to the Sabine Pass U.S. Coast Guard Station on the left.THE BENCH MARK IS SET 0.8 KM (0.5 MI) NW OF THE U.S. COAST GUARD STATION AT SABINE PASS, 118 M (387 FT) WSW OF A TEXAS STATE FLAG POLE, 14.17 M (46.5 FT) WEST OF THE MOST SOUTHERLY OF TWO CSU COMPANY UNDERGROUND WATER MAIN MARKERS, 4.72 M (15.5 FT) NNW OF THE CENTERLINE OF THE PARK ENTRANCE ROAD, AND 2.13 M (7.0 FT) NNE OF THE MOST SOUTHERLY POLE OF THE MOST NORTHERLY OF TWO GATE SUPPORTS. THE BENCH MARK IS 6 CM (0.2 FT) BELOW GROUND LEVEL, CRIMPED TO THE TOP OF A STAINLESS STEEL ROD DRIVEN 15.8 M (52 FT) TO REFUSAL, AND ENCASED IN A 6-INCH PVC PIPE WITH CONCRETE KICKBLOCK.
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