Nueces Bay Salinity
30 May 2016 23:59 UTC 2016151+2359 UTC

With the building of the Choke Canyon Reservoir on the Nueces River in 1985, it was recognized that the natural flow of freshwater from the Nueces watershed into Nueces Bay would be reduced to the point where some water management action would be necessary. The City of Corpus Christi and three state agencies, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission, and the Texas Water Development Board, studied the problem and decided to take action to alleviate potential problems, namely, ensuring water flows that approximate the natural flows into Nueces Bay. The City of Corpus Christi and the Division of Nearshore Research have been monitoring salinity levels in the Nueces Estuary since November 1991 to study the effects of this management approach. The Nueces River Authority produces a daily report showing the water levels of the Choke Canyon and Lake Corpus Christi Reservoirs.

Location of CBI's Stations for Monitoring Water Salinity

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