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NAME TITLE E-MAIL ADDRESS PHONE LOCATION CELL (log in to see private cell numbers)
Gary Jeffress,Ph.D. Director 825-2720 CBI 111
Philippe Tissot, Ph.D. Assistant Director 825-3643 NRC 2801  
Kelby Boehl Research Technician I CBI 118
Dominic Burch Research Technician I 825-2499 NRC 3402  
Gina Concannon Assistant Director, Institute Admin.Operations 825-3226 NRC 2102
Jonathan Scott Duff Computer Information Technology Research Manager 825-6064 NRC 2105
Niall Durham Systems Prog II NRC 2011
Dee Edgar Executive Assistant 825-5850 CBI 110
Robin Ellis Project Manager I 825-3846 NRC 2103
Zack Hasdorff Research Technician II - CBI 120  
Lucy Huang FACULTY 825-2646 CBI 109  
Dennis Kennedy Mechanic 825-3868 MOTOR POOL
Brian Lorentson Research Technician I CBI 120  
Amy Nino Research Tech II   Galveston
Dan Prouty State Geodetic Advisor 825-2076 NRC 3404  
James Rizzo Research Spec III 825-5758 NRC 2104  
Richard Smith FACULTY 825-2750 CBI 106  
Deidre Williams Research Spec III 825-2714 NRC 3405  

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