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Water Level Forecasts

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Water Temperature Forecasts

A joint project with the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) to predict water temperatures in the Laguna Madre was undertaken. Unusually low temperatures can result in substantial fish kills. A model predicting low water temperatures below about 45 F with about 24 hours notice can allow coastal stakeholders to take some measures to try to minimize the fish kills. The prediction model was developed to predict water temperatures in the middle and upper Laguna Madre. The Model can be accessed at the following link:

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Access to Selected Atmospheric Predictions from the North American Model (NAM)

A joint project between DNR and the Corpus Christi Weather Forecasting Office. Since early 2002 NAM and GFS predictions are being stored for about 50 locations along the Texas coast, in the Gulf of Mexico and inland Texas. Most DNR/TCOON stations are covered. Both real-time and archived predictions are available for these models. Accessing the data is a little different then for the rest of the DNR/TCOON data but explained at the following link:

Thunderstorm Predictions

DNR is collaborating with Waylon Collins, a senior forecaster at the Corpus Christi Weather Forecasting Office (CCWFO) to develop and implement a model that will predict the timing and location of thunderstorms. The model uses an artificial neural network with input from the North American Model (NAM) for the predicted atmospheric state, Average Optical Depth (AOD) measurements and data derived from high resolution precipitation maps. The model was presented at several AMS conferences and work is ongoing to develop an operational prototype.

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